Kentchurch Court

Kentchurch Court is considered to be one of the most important historic houses in Herefordshire and is the ancestral home of the Lucas-Scudamore family.

Nestling under Garway Hill in the Monnow Valley, Kentchurch Court has been in the Lucas-Scudamore family for almost 1,000 years. The current house dates to the 14th century although the family can trace its roots back further to 1042, when Ralph Scudamore came over to Herefordshire from Normandy, building a castle in Ewyas Harold for Edward the Confessor.

Kentchurch Court forms part of a wider estate covering land in Herefordshire and Monmouthshire. It is a family home, run by Joss Lucas-Scudamore and his family, who are the current custodians from a long line of Scudamores that have lived in this famous house. Whilst still a private estate, the gardens are open to the public during the year. 

Throughout the winter, our head gardener, Tristan Gregory will continue working in the Rhododendron Wood restoring the original water feature to provide another peaceful haven for the garden visitor.

Kentchurch Court "One of the best 12 Secret Gardens in the U.K."

Kentchurch Court - This garden can be found in Kentchurch, Herefordshire and is the home of the Lucas-Scudamore family for almost 1,000 years. The gardens feel like an intimate space for the family instead of those for a grand house and there are plans that are taking over the greenhouse. There is also a vegetable garden near the gardener's cottage and an orchard as well. There are plenty of perennial flowers that overflow on to the paths and a deer park. Story By: Stephanie
Monday, May, 25 2015

Gardens To Inspire Kate Bradbury, Telegraph, 25th July 2015